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God of war god of war difficulty

God of war god of war difficulty

God of War Adds a New, Devastating Difficulty Setting – Game Rant

I imagine many will suggest that since its optional and meant to be hard that it should get a pass in terms of how it functions. I'd like for the discussion to focus on it as if one were choosing to play it rather than hand waving away any criticism under those suggestions of it being optional.

Its probably my second or third favorite game of this gen right behind Bloodborne and BoTW. I've beaten the game on normal and give me a challenge and now about half way through Give me God of War mode and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with how this difficulty mode was designed.

I don't think its necessarily unfair nor impossible so the point of this thread isn't to whine about difficulty https://promastergame.info/8blog/god-of-war-2-game-download-for-pc-3022.php much as it is to discuss the tedious nature of this mode, especially in the early parts of the game.

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A lot of people may take issue Kratos health in this mode, dying in merely hits but I don't think this is particularly problematic. What I find problematic is that the enemies in this mode have become nothing but damage sponges with absurd amounts of health.

I think most will agree this is the underlying issue with this mode, which really becomes problematic during several early game encounters where you have very few upgrades and abilities at your disposal but are tasked with fighting hordes of enemies while constantly being bombarded with projectile attacks.

On top of this, enemies are now much more resistant to staggering during combos AND regen health and upgrade to one additional higher level if you allow them to charge up.

To be honest, I really like the idea of enemies getting one level stronger and having the ability to gain some health back. On paper thats a great idea and games like DMC have done this previously on its hardest difficulties which worked wonderfully.

But here its an issue, especially early game.

So I have been playing through the game on the hardest difficulty, and as a lot of you have probably seen, there are quite a few complaints Give me god of war isn't all that difficult.: GodofWar. That being said it was just a matter of learning to dodge and parry properly, still the first few fights regardless of difficulty shouldn't be this hard.

The trick is to focus on one enemy at a time, since otherwise enemies will start transforming after taking a bit of damage so rather than focusing on keeping every enemy trying to transform during the fight its far simpler to focus on one otherwise you'll have an entire encounter of enemies levels higher than you.

And since you die in hits taking damage is something you need to avoid at all costs. Specifically the gods of war god of war difficulty after you fall under the birdge right after the first Baldur encounter, the bigger enemies can stagger you into an instant death combo, especially the later fights when the witches start popping up with them with additional projectile enemies.

This makes fights even more tedious than they already were prior to transformation attacks since regular enemies are already damage sponges and level boosts will increase their health that youve already chipped away at I believe their defense and strength stats get higher as well but someone can correct me on that front if Im wrong.

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I honestly loved the shift in combat with this game to make enemies tougher but it isn't fun to fight damage sponges, ever. It seems to me that this was specifically designed with the idea of making this challenge something that was universally difficult throughout the whole game, keeping in mind that as you progress you'll become much more powerful and have a much easier time dealing with these issues more defense, more strength, more combos and weapon upgrades, atreus having better crowd control.

God of war god of war difficulty

But this shouldn't have functioned to this level in the early parts of the game where you have none of those upgrades while enemies take far too much damage to kill even before transforming. I think it would have been far better to hold the transformations back in these parts and just adding more enemies to encounters early read more on top of tweaking their health a bit.

Someone argued god of war god of war difficulty me earlier in another thread that this game incentivizes you to sit back and throw your axe because its far more efficient in combat. I'm not sure if thats the actual case and when you do manage to counter-combo-counter you can take out good chunks of enemy health even more so when you have upgrades but without question throwing the axe at everyone while running away is the safest and most optimal way to fight enemies in this mode since you mitigate your risk of taking damage while chipping people from a distance.

Boss fights in particular are really strange in this mode as well.

God of war god of war difficulty

Theyre really not any harder or more difficult.

God of War Hardest Difficulty Is IMPOSSIBLE!

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