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Dragon ball fighterz characters tier list

Dragon ball fighterz characters tier list

Teen Gohan Tier List Explanations April Update Before we get into the explanations for the character tier placements, it should be noted that tier lists change as new strategies are found, and generally only apply at the highest level of play. If two casual or even above average players are battling it out, player skill is going to have a significant impact on who wins.

There also isn't a large gap between the best character in the game and the worst character in the game. When you reach level seven of Release Power, he essentially becomes the best character in the game with the ability to reverse the normal combo flow, going from Heavy to Medium to Light.

This gives him insane pressure strings that can be very difficult to defend against. In many minds, Adult Gohan is the best character in the game.

Android 16 makes up for a lack of Saibamen by having some of the longest range normal attacks in the game, giving him authority over a large portion of the screen. Couple this with his armor on 5H and it makes approaching Android 16 very difficult.

Aug 10,, Take a look at our evolving Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list to see where your favorite character currently stands! Feb 18,, Don't base anything off a stupid tier list play who you like. Zamasu is one of my favorite point characters, the guy can put in some great. Most of these lists are utter nonsense. I do agree though that characters like nappa aren't that good sadly but people take one other persons.

Give him a couple of decent assists and he's nearly unstoppable. He has everything you could want in a character. His normals are some of the best in the game, and can even be linked instead of chained in some cases. He has a full screen command grab that can start a combo if you have meter or the proper assist.

He even has a teleport attack just in case you needed a cross-up or the ability to get out of the dragon ball fighterz characters tier list quickly. His Instant Transmission gives him a cross-up for mix-ups and offensive pressure, he has a variety of super moves and can put out a ton of damage all by himself, a full screen command grab that leads into a projectile Binding Black Kamehameha and can start a combo with proper Vanish and assist usage, and his Fierce God Kick is a dive kick that wall bounces.

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Kid Buu - The superior Buu has longer reach than almost any other character, big damage, great combo extensions and is arguably the most annoying character to fight against. He has so much offensive pressure and easy to confirm normals that he can rush down most opponents without the need of assists.

Check this out you give him good assists, he becomes extremely difficult to fight unless you have well-timed deflects and the ability to dragon ball fighterz characters tier list everything.

Tien is also very fast and can beat out opponents in scramble situations thanks to the speed and maybe even priority of his Light attack. In order to get big damage he has to sacrifice his own health, but having Tien as an anchor can help your team to finish off characters by tagging into his level 3 super.

A-Tier Android 18 - While 18 was nerfed a bit from the closed beta build, she is still a very good character.

Calling Android 17 to help her can also lead to lengthy block strings that allow you to apply serious pressure to an opponent, and she can combo into a Dragon Rush without using meter. Her closed beta form was easily top tier, but the nerf to her command grab and a few other things was enough to drop her to A-tier.

Android 21 - When Android 21 has absorbed the dragon ball fighterz characters tier list attacks in the right order, she is arguably the best character in the game. Even if you are fighting the correct team, you still need to land command grabs to get Android 21 to full power.

He has some of the best projectile attacks in the game, a short range teleport, a decent assist, and Golden Frieza, one of the few install supers in the game.

He also has great normals albeit a little slow and becomes nearly unstoppable when you combine Golden Frieza and Sparking Blast. The added abilities of Golden Frieza, plus the fighterz character you get from Sparking Blast just make Frieza extremely good, but he doesn't quite have the unstoppable nature of the top tier characters.

In practice, he needs good assists to really maintain his pressure game, but once he gets going it is very difficult to stop him.

Unfortunately, he's a lot of work for a payoff that's equal to most other characters at best, and subpar at worst. If you can keep track of the Ginyu Force and push an opponent to the corner, you can really give them a very bad day with constant pressure.

Where Ginyu lacks is in his versatility and overall damage. He is arguably the best.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Season 2 character tier list

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