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God of war 2 ending explained

God of war 2 ending explained

Plot[ edit ] Kratos, the new God of War, is still haunted by nightmares of his past and is shunned by the other gods for his destructive ways. Ignoring Athena's warnings, Kratos joins the Spartan army in an attack on Rhodes, during which a giant eagle suddenly drains him of his powers and animates the Colossus of Rhodes.

While battling the statue, Zeus offers Kratos the Blade of Olympus in order to defeat it, requiring Kratos to infuse the god of war 2 ending explained with https://promastergame.info/2blog/god-of-war-forum-jvc-1608.php remainder of his godly power.

Although now human, Kratos defeats the Colossus but is mortally wounded. The eagle reveals itself to have been Zeus all along, who states he was forced to intervene as Athena refused to do so.

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Zeus then grants Kratos a final opportunity to be loyal to the gods, but Kratos refuses. Zeus kills him with the blade and destroys the Spartan army. Kratos is slowly dragged to the Underworld, but is saved by the Titan Gaia.

Gaia tells Kratos that she once raised the young Zeus, who eventually betrayed the Titans as vengeance for the cruelty inflicted on his siblings by Zeus' father, Cronos. She instructs Kratos to find the " Sisters of Fate ", who can alter time, prevent his death, and allow him his revenge on Zeus.

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With the aid of PegasusKratos finds the lair of Gaia's brother Typhon. Imprisoned ending explained a mountain, Typhon is angered at the intrusion and traps Pegasus, forcing Kratos to explore on foot.

Kratos encounters the Titan Prometheus, who is chained in mortal form and tortured at Zeus' directive for giving fire to mankind. Prometheus begs to be released from his torment, so Kratos confronts Typhon to steal his magical bow. He blinds the massive Titan with it to escape and then uses it to free Prometheus, who falls into a fire and dies, finally free of eternal torture.

The Immolation releases the power of the Titans which Kratos absorbs, using it to free Pegasus and then fly to the Island of Creation. Just before reaching the island, Kratos fights and kills Here to awaken the gigantic stone Steeds of Time—a gift to the Sisters of Fate from Cronos in an attempt to change his own fate—which grants Kratos access to the island.

God Of War II Full Story In 10 Minutes

There, Kratos encounters and defeats several foes, some of whom-themselves are also seeking the Sisters of Fate, including an undead version of his old foe the Barbarian King, the Gorgon Euryale, Perseus, and Icarus. He eventually encounters the imprisoned Titan Atlas, who initially resents Kratos for his current predicament. After Kratos explains his intent, Atlas reveals that Gaia and the other Titans also seek revenge on Zeus for their defeat in the Great War.

Atlas also reveals that the Blade of Olympus is the key to defeating Zeus and helps Kratos to reach the "Palace of the Fates". After evading traps and defeating more enemies, including the KrakenKratos encounters an unseen foe, revealed to be a loyal Spartan soldier also in search of the Sisters. Before he dies, the soldier informs Kratos that Zeus has destroyed Sparta in Kratos' absence.

God of War 's Ending Explained, ScreenRant

Outraged, Kratos is further motivated and frees a phoenixriding the creature to the Sisters' stronghold where he confronts two, Lakhesis and Atropos. After they refuse his request to alter time, Kratos battles them.

During this, the Sisters try to change the outcome of Kratos' battle with Ares, but Kratos kills them both, then confronts the remaining Sister, Clotho. He gods of war 2 ending explained her using her own traps, and acquires the " Loom of Fate " in order to return to the point at which Zeus betrayed him. Kratos surprises Zeus, seizes the Blade of Olympus, and finally incapacitates him. Athena intervenes and implores This web page to stop, as by killing Zeus, he will destroy Olympus.

Kratos ignores her and tries to kill Zeus, but Athena sacrifices herself by impaling herself upon the blade, granting Zeus' escape.

Before she dies, Athena reveals that Kratos is actually Zeus' son. Zeus was afraid Kratos would usurp him, just as Zeus had usurped his own father, Cronos. Kratos declares that the rule of the gods is at an end, then travels back in time.

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