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God of war 2 official trailer

God of war 2 official trailer

Comment Email Copy Link Copied God of War 5 is definitely going to happen, it's just a matter of waiting until it's officially announced. Sony Santa Monica's God of War video game franchise is one of the PlayStation's biggest first-party franchises, something that started all the way back on the PlayStation 2 in - and it has continued in some form ever since.

God of War documentary is making its debut this week - god of war 2 official trailer

The latest God of War installment stepped away from Greek mythology and put the focus on Norse mythology. And considering how critically and commercially successful 's God of War wasofficial trailer has since become a representation for the god war see more single-player games, another sequel is all but confirmed.

While nothing official has been revealed, there's a lot that can be deduced from what has been revealed about the future of the God of War franchise thus far. However, series director Cory Barlog recently said that the next installment won't take another 5 years to develop like 's God of War did. That means audiences should expect to see God of War 5 hit store shelves no later than - but, hopefully, a little bit earlier.

God of war 2 official trailer

Based on the events of the new title, it looks like Freya will be the main antagonist in God of Here 5with the overall story arc adapting the events of Ragnarok - a prophesied depiction of a series of events that will bring about the end of all things and the deaths of most of the Norse gods, such as Odin, Thor, and Loki.

This may, of course, carry over to God of War 6 as the conclusion of the Norse storyline.

God of War 5 Will Have Bigger Fights God of War 4 wasn't exactly an open-world game in the traditional sense, but it was open, something that differed from previous installments. Considering everything that went into the new game, it makes sense that God of War 5 not only would continue down that path but also be somewhat bigger in scale.

That's usually the case with sequels, after all. According to environmental artist Nate Stephens, a potential God of War 5 would also have bigger fights.

Almost two months of 's God of War game released, Stephens revealed that if Kratos were to meet with Odin or Thor, it would have to be bigger and better than what they did with this new installment.

Furthermore, the story itself would be much longer. Since God of War 4 was an astounding critical achievement, God of War 5 supposedly god of war 2 official trailer bigger, better, and longer is everything fans could hope for.

God of War Director Has 5 Sequels Planned God of War 4 took the franchise into a new direction, literally branching off from Greek mythology for the first time. Because of that, there are plenty of stories left to tell. And shortly after the installment hit store shelves, Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog revealed that he currently has five more games planned in his head via Kotaku.

Whether or not all those installments continue the Norse theme, or even end up happening at all, remains to be seen, but it's safe to say that at least one or two will go gold one day.

The question is, when? Current reports indicate that Sony will release the PlayStation 5 by It's unclear what the rumored video game console would consist of, but it will without a doubt be more powerful than what is already out today.

So, I guess we are also making a lot of people. World of Numbers is hugely popular because who isn t tell to love shooting explosive shells and throw a tank.

Plus, given that is only three years away, God of War 5 will more than likely release on the PlayStation 5, though it's also possible that it might be one of the last major first-party games to release on the PlayStation 4 as well. However, developing God of War 5 for the PlayStation 5 isn't something that Barlog is looking forward to, if a god of war 2 official trailer happens.

To him, as a developer, it's time-consuming and understandably tedious to overhaul a game engine for a new platform, even if that platform comes from within the same company. And, since Barlog said the next game won't take another half-decade to develop, it stands to reason that God of War 5 may have a release schedule similar to the original God of War game as well as Naughty Dog's The Last of Us.

God of War 5 Trailer Since God of War 5 hasn't been officially announced or confirmed to be in development, there isn't a trailer just yet - and there likely won't be a trailer for another few years.

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