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God of war 3 remastered labyrinth

God of war 3 remastered labyrinth

There's a save point and a hidden experience chest in the bottom left corner of the first room. You will also find a familiar switch - interact with it and change the cube's position.

This way you will also trigger a fight. It will be a little harder than usual, but you should okay, especially considering the Cerberus which you can "mount". After the fight ends, move on to the next room, open the power-up chest found there [!!!

The cube will turn and you'll land next to two chests on the right: Open them one at a time so that the fire doesn't reach you - it will appear once every couple seconds and by touching it you automatically die.

On the left there will also be a fire mechanism. Once it turns off, run there, grab the grating and quickly climb up.

Hold on to the moving object. Approach its right edge and wait for it to get close to another grating.

God of War III – Walkthrough – Mazes and Caves; god of war 3 remastered labyrinth

Once it does, jump onto it [LS]. Afterwards, as the last moving mechanism retreats, get onto the top and jump onto another one.

You will find a lever which opens a passage - pull it. Go outside and god of war 3 remastered labyrinth the bridge it's completely safe to get to another room. There's another puzzle waiting for you here. On the ground apart from an experience chest on the right you fill find a movable block. Move it to the middle part of the platform and then change the cube's position by hitting the switch. Afterwards move the block once more, this time to the upper part away from the camera and use the next switch.

This way you have moved the block near the pressure switch.

Put it onto the switch and head to the exit. A fight will begin, during which it will be very easy to die, even on the lowest difficulty. The cube you're in is filled with spikes which will appear from the floor - getting hit by them causes an instant death. To make things easier, the process is divided into two phases: If you see the gods of war 3 remastered labyrinth underneath your feet, quickly run to another part of the room.

There's a whole cast of enemies that will try interrupt you. Basically you should keep moving all the time and let the spikes finish them off. By the end of the first and second phase the whole floor will be filled with spikes. A Harpy will also appear, so grab it to save yourself try https://promastergame.info/15blog/city-building-games-online-free-no-download-unblocked-3117.php get the moment right, as god war novel too early will result in you falling on the not yet retracted spikesjust like you do when crossing gaps.

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After you survive the second phase, an exit will open up [RS] - use it to get out. Cross another bridge, save your game and go to the cage at its end you will open it by destroying the crystal lock with the Cestus. Inside you will find Pandora. After the cutscene go out and collect the power-up from the chest on the right [!!! Afterwards follow the path to its end, grab the girl Circle and give her a leg up.

In the next room you will have to go through a longer and harder than usual fight. Enemies will appear for quite a long time, with Gorgons amongst them finish them off with QTEs to petrify the other.

On the left you will find a hidden experience chest. Once everyone's dead, pull the nearby lever and let the girl go through the god war. She will stand on a button and unveil to you a switch which will chance the cube's position. Once it happens, the girl will find herself in a deadly trap, with saws approaching her. You have only a couple second to save read more. Jump onto the green gratins and quickly move left.

Afterwards jump onto the upper moving part and then jump onto the lower one again, once you're on the other side.

God of war 3 remastered labyrinth

Jump down to the ground once there and pull the lever. If you were fast enough, Pandora will be saved.

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Now give her a hand once more and she will get behind the nearby grating. While she's climbing up the ladder, you can collect some experience from the chest on the left. Go through the opened grating, grab the ladder and head up.

Once you get to the top you will find Pandora trapped in a tank which will start to be filled with water in just a moment once you move the first object.

Before you begin the rescue mission, collect the Minotaur Horn [!!! Now you can try to save Pandora. As you switch on the mechanism by moving.

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