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God of war ending discussion

God of war ending discussion

Perhaps the reason that the smaller team people at Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica Studio beat out the Rockstar Games team, with thousands of contributors, was that God of War had excellent writing. While the game stretches over 40 hours, the beginning and ending of God of War come together, bringing into sharp focus the father-and-son story. Cory Barlog, the creative director at the studio, sat down with GamesBeat for a god of war ending discussion interview about how the team crafted the story and mechanics of God of War.

In the first two questions, Barlog addresses how the team had the design freedom to find the beginning and ending that it wanted. Our discussion of the ending of the game sets the stage for what will come in the future of God of War. Dean Takahashi GamesBeat: You had this design freedom.

When you talked to your bosses, what were those conversations like? How did you get the license to just do what you thought was god of war ending discussion Some of it deals with the fact that I worked on the franchise before. The reason that happens is people like Shannon Studstill and Yumi Yang. They protect, and then they fight back the hordes. Are you guys messing this up? But if you can figure out the right mixture, suddenly it sounds great.

A troll fight in God of War Image Credit: Did you bounce it off of anyone like Shannon? Her and Yumi — I have an inherent trust with them. That was seven or eight months and I had to throw it all out. We had an outline and everything and I had to get rid of it. I knew it would make the writers upset.

I have to go back out and re-assess. This was just Kratos and his son on a journey. It had no heart to it. I realized that we were in the war ending of a story, but not in a good way. The antagonist is Kratos. His relationship with Freya is this sense of — she held on too tight. She made decisions for him. In doing so, she destroyed the relationship.

This is the cautionary tale for Kratos. Do not make decisions for your kid. He needs that reminder. Every single element of the story deals with familial relationships. At all times, every character he interacts with is teaching him a good or a bad lesson, god caution. Why did the beginning turn out the way it did? I looked back on a lot of beginnings, and this one was very good.

It has a lot of confusion and mystery. You start in the middle of things, like in the ninth year of the Trojan War. Why did you start in the way you did?

That was a very deliberate thing. It took a bit of selling to people. We never do the beginning of the game until the end, but I knew right at the start of the project that I had to start convincing people. Early discussions, I was already laying the groundwork.

Kratos and Atreus meat out with basic gear and unlock abilities, but as you expect, things begin to open up. You can make new armor, upgrade intertwining armor, equip Enchantments to your avatar to give you actions in combat, change the creativity of your axe for more emulators. And don t disappoint about all of the beefy Skills you can god of war ending discussion with XP. There s a matter of different upgrade systems at your stamina in God of War, and while you ll also dig into all of them, few of them feel like they have a virtual impact on the amount itself. Changing pommels, for windows, seems like a neat idea, but there feels inconsequential in the grand theft of things.

In the previous games, we were all about that first 10 minutes with a big giant creature. It was great, but it was also really hard, by the time we got to God of War 3. You ended up in this arms race.

God of war ending discussion

We had to throw that arms race out. I thought that was really interesting.

God of War postmortem interview — How the ending and its surprise came together; god of war ending discussion

Is she going to appear in the game? What does she look like? Everything the light touches is our kingdom.

I felt like the end is good. It reflected a lot of that thinking. Were you trying to hide his identity, even that early? Initially the plan was, the name would be the reveal. At the end of the game, even calling his son by his name, thus acknowledging and accepting him.

The god of war ending discussion stab at it, he was just going to call him by his regular name. But then we thought we had this great idea. What if he only refers to him by name at the end? At the end of the game, he has to accept him as his son.

I waited until the last minute. We had so many names, hundreds of names, and I really liked Atreus.

We had a name that kind of has a connection with Greek mythology, and everyone would start reading into it, all these different things. The God of War team celebrates victory after the Game Awards. I thought about.

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