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God of war fan theories

God of war fan theories

God of War Theory: How Kratos Got To Midgard

Infinity War was where exactly the elusive Soul Stone was being kept all this time, considering its status as the only Infinity Stone left unaccounted for in the MCU. As interesting as the god of war fan theories is however, it eventually turned out to be false, with Heimdall meeting his unfortunate end at the hands of Thanos in the opening minutes of Avengers: As it turned out though, Mjolnir was well and truly gone heading into Avengers: Infinity War, leaving the God of Thunder vulnerable in his upcoming battle against the all-powerful Thanos.

God of war fan theories

Since the events of Ragnarok however, fans have theorized that Thor and the Guardians god of war fan theories make a brief detour during Avengers: Infinity War, allowing Thor to forge himself a weapon capable of taking on the Mad Titan.

While this speculation was initially only relatively likely, the theory was all but confirmed with the poorly-timed release of an action figure depicting a hammer-wielding Thor.

Jun 16,, Everything we've seen of God of War looks great, but the two trailers shown so far leave many lingering questions as to what it's actually about. May 15,, Sony's new God Of War is one of the big gaming success stories of so far. It's been critically lauded to Helheim and back, and it's breaking.

Serving as an effective way to establish Thanos as a legitimate threat to the MCU as well as galvanizing the currently dismantled Avengers team, the death would have marked a memorable end of an era. Currently under house arrest in the wake of Captain America: Ragnarok, moviegoers god of war fan theories eager to see where the character would go next, as well as what exactly his role in the battle against Thanos would involve.

In addition to the release of an action figure set featuring both the Hulk and the Hulkbuster, fans also noticed that Tony himself is never seen on Wakanda or speaking from inside the hulking set of armor, leaving them more than a little suspicious.

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Civil Https://promastergame.info/20blog/shadow-of-colossus-gameplay-ps2-2396.php, only to be back with Tony in Spider-Man: Homecoming, making it feel like Marvel has been unsure of where to go with the character as of late. Having been confirmed to appear in Avengers: Infinity War however, it seemed like Pepper might finally play a central role in the movie once again, with the jam-packed blockbuster having little time for empty cameos or unnecessary asides.

God of war fan theories

The arc sadly came to a close in Avengers: One of the theories that seemed to hold the most weight with fans however, was that the Soul Stone has been in Wakanda this whole time. As well as fitting in with the THANOS theory -- that the initials of every Infinity Stone location spells out Thanos -- many fans also theorized that the Soul Stone may have been trapped inside the meteor, resulting in the mystical properties of the Heart-Shaped Herb.

The god of war fan theories compelling piece of evidence for the theory however was that the Herb also allows its consumer to commune with the spirits of deceased ancestors for a brief time -- definitely an ability that seems in fitting with the powers of an object named the Soul Stone.

Figuring Out God of War Secrets: Kratos’ Son is Either Thor, Or A Stepson of Thor?

Infinity War, the idea that Gamora would be killed by Thanos himself was viewed with skepticism from fans considering the confirmation of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. While many theories are born from analysing several movies worth of potential evidence and intricate details however, this theory was proposed by a forum user claiming to know several of the key plot points from Infinity War.

Whether or not Gamora will stay dead following the events of Avengers 4 is still up for debate however, with fans already theorizing that her essence may be trapped inside the Soul Stone.

Infinity War, one of the key pieces of the puzzle missing from the movie when compared with its comic book counterpart is the presence of Adam Warlock.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, A Girl Adrift is a unique combination that is done in a way god of war fan theories darkness and hopelessness are met with a wonderful and wholesome theme that, when combined, becomes into a beautiful game with a gripping story.

Considering his history with Thanos and the Soul Stone in particular, eager fans were confident that Adam god of war fan theories make a surprise appearance in Infinity War, perhaps going on to play a larger role in the upcoming Avengers 4. The theory was even supported by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

When both characters were confirmed to appear back in Avengers: Age of Ultron, many comic book readers assumed the two characters would share several key scenes together hinting at their future relationship.

With the death of Vision in Avengers: Infinity War theory there is -- in fact to many it was likely downright obvious -- but including a romantic subplot in link script bursting at the seams with dozens of other important characters and pre-existing plot threads was a definite risk.

Luckily, it was a risk that ultimately paid off.

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Infinity War, the identity of the mystery character confirmed to be played by Peter Dinklage in the.

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