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God of war series tv

What if Kratos had a kid sidekick? And what if that kid was a sickly, sensitive weakling? Wouldn't link just be crazy? This concept drives the new God of War reboot for the PS4, and at the start it plays out a lot like the cringe-worthy, sitcom-level twist you'd expect from such a pitch.

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Kratos is now bearded, slightly more aged, and relocated to the cold and unfamiliar climes of Scandinavia. He's paying his final respects to a wife we don't get to see. Left behind with Kratos is a son, the small and frail Atreus, who is over-eager to accompany his dad on a god of war series tv to spread his mom's ashes from "the highest peak in all the realms.

After a slow and somewhat annoying start, though, Atreus proves to be just the shot in the arm this series needed for a new generation of consoles and players.

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The addition of a child to play off adds much-needed depth and development to the remorseless revenge machine featured in previous God of War games. Becoming human At the beginning of the journey, Atreus alternates between extremely pensive and extremely enthused about his new god of war series tv as his father's warrior-helper.

One moment he's puffing out his chest and declaring that "if they try to rob us, I'll kill them. When Atreus questions the value of war, Kratos chides him for "seeing with the eyes of a child.

God of war series tv

Kratos' early interactions with Atreus all amount to this kind of monosyllabic, condescending, tough-guy warrior-advice, which really grates after a while. The pair act less like father and son and more like a reluctant teacher with his uncooperative student.

There are a few ham-handed early attempts to show that Kratos wants more from the relationship and is simply unable to open himself up to his ward. But for the most part, Kratos seems almost eager to focus on their mission rather than build a relationship with the son he barely knows thanks to frequent "hunting trips" while Atreus was stuck sick in bed, as he bitterly recalls.

Jul 9,, 's God of War game director, Cory Barlog, took to Twitter to shoot down rumors of a netflix God of War series, but also to leave a glimmer of. Contents[show] Chronological order of the God of War series God of War: Ascension Main article: God of War: Ascension Set six months after that fateful day. Jul 9,, God of War has become one of the biggest hits in the history of PlayStation, means it'd make for some great fodder for a TV series, wouldn't it?

Atreus reacts by closing himself off, muttering under his breath about how Kratos "never cares about anything" and privately musing that maybe the wrong parent died.

At the same time, though, Atreus is Kratos' biggest fan, calling out praise like, "Boy, you're really strong" and "All god of war series tv In other words, he's a hurt kid looking eagerly toward the only father figure available. Kratos, meanwhile, shows little to no appreciation for Atreus' ability to read important runes, decipher languages, or point toward the solution to puzzles with "helpful" advice about five seconds after you enter a room.

He's the egghead son that the jock father never wanted, and the God of War doesn't know how to relate to him. Not real dialogue "Hey dad, come play 'ball and hoop' with me.

God of war series tv

You did not kill Bambi's mom" "Hey son, I'm available to play 'ball and hoop' now. I know you're showing emotion! Believe it or not, this female character is not just there to be a doting love-object for Kratos to overwhelm with manliness. The Dramatic Lighting realm is full of dramatic lighting.

You're probably wondering how I got here. Immediately remaking Kratos as a sensitive, caring, modern father would utterly destroy his established character in a way that would be hard to recover from.

But it's war series hard to watch Kratos utterly ignore his son's desperate attempts to forge a connection out of their shared grief. Watching Kratos with a son god like watching an alien try to process human emotions, which makes some sense for a god who's decided to walk the human realm. That closed-off setup makes it all the more affecting as Kratos starts to very slowly open up to Atreus about his true power, his history, and his grief.

In doing so, Kratos reveals a bit of the self-hatred for his very being that makes him close off all outward signs of emotion. There are even a few well-earned moments between the two that approach actual warmth, and a few other sequences show Kratos flashing very human frailty and emotion over his son's safety and upbringing.

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