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God of war title cabal

God of war title cabal

Origins[ edit ] "I am Xi Ro, youngest daughter of the dead king. I will take back my Osmium Court and kill the traitor Taox.

On my left eye I swear vengeance. She was a member of a short-lived, proto- Hive species called "krill" whose original homeworld had crashed into the gas giant millions of years ago.

As a young "krill" she was fascinated by her surroundings, attempting daring feats that would have killed lesser gods of war title cabal she took six of the stormjoys ' bait-stars because of this.

Above all she wanted to be a warrior, a Knight like her father's warriors. When her father became mad and raved about the Syzygy, and the Helium Drinkers invaded at the urging of TaoxXi Ro used her bait-stars to help her sisters escape and comforted Aurash as they fled their home.

Together with her sisters she swore a blood-oath on the mast of their ship, upon her left eye, to avenge their father and kill Taox.

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When they salvaged an ancient, high-tech ship from the Shvubi Maelstrom, Xi Ro wanted to sell it to raise an army and kill Taox immediately, but was convinced by Sathona that it was worthless. During their aimless journey at the god of war title cabal of Sathona who was guided by their father's worm-familiar Xi Ro cleaned up the ship and attempted to take her sisters' minds off their task.

Eventually, when Sathona fretted they would not be able to avenge their father, and Aurash concluded they would have to dive, Xi Ro was initially afraid but understood. Xi Ro warned them, however, that this was how the crew had died, but Sathona, urged on by the Worm, agreed with Aurash.

God of war title cabal

The sisters took the needle into the deep. They finally reached a point where they could use the ship's sensors on the oceans.

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To their horror, they discovered that the Syzygy was real, and that Fundament's moons had already aligned. Just then, they god of war title cabal encountered by the Leviathana creature long spoken of in proto-Hive myth. The Leviathan warned the sisters that they needed to turn back, or else would unleash disaster upon the universe, saying that they faced a choice between the Lightwhich offered civilization, and the Darknesswhich offered only violence.

"Gerard Marino, God of War End Title" God Of War III Overture. Gerard Marino.

However, the Leviathan offered no hope to the sisters to avoid the Syzygy. Sathona then revealed the Worm's god of war title cabal to her sisters, and how it urged them to go down. Rejecting the Leviathan's entreaties, the sisters dove into the core.

The Worm Gods offered the three sisters https://promastergame.info/6blog/donut-county-ios-gameplay-2558.php chance for the proto-Hive to escape Fundament as well as achieve immortality. All they had to do was take the Worms larvae into them as symbiotes and spread them among the proto-Hive. The Worms posed the caveat that the sisters must never cease their natures: Xi Ro must always test her strength, Sathona must always be cunning, and Aurash must always try to understand.

The sisters accepted the pact and became the first Hive: This is our obligation as lords of the Hive, to make war upon each other, to eradicate weakness and make ourselves sharp.

Rather than dying, Auryx's soul instead passed to his Ascendant realmor throne world, where his soul resided until he returned to the mortal realm. Rebuked, Auryx purged what sympathy and goodwill he had left, becoming a merciless tyrant.

He and his sisters warred with and killed one another on a regular basis after the defeat of the Ammonites, as part of their worship of the See more and their god of war title cabal to become the sharpest blades in the universe, heading to their Ascendant realms when defeated.

Their war of revenge against Taox had transformed into a campaign of genocide, when they slew the Ammonites and other interstellar civilizations to feed their worms. Meeting with his sisters in his ascendant realm, surrounded by their servants some of which despised them for showing weakness they despaired over their dilemma. When his sisters offered their power to help Auryx find a way to save them, Auryx killed them, then used that power to confront his patron god Akka, the Worm of Secrets.

He killed Akka so that he may steal its ability to call upon the Deep and created.

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