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The Faces of Magic Artifact 1 [ edit ] Near the first Mystic Gateway along the path after your first fight with human Reavers, drop down the chain near the ruins exit. You can take the path to a ridge overlooking the Marketplace, and a ledge going back up to the entrance - near the ledge is click dead soldier holding one of The Faces of Magic masks, part of artifact set.

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The Faces of Magic Artifact 2 [ edit ] At Brok 's Shop at the edge of the Marketplace Ruins, go right instead near the trees you threw your axe at to find a small lower platform you can hop down to. The Faces of Magic Artifact 3 On the other side of the spiked ceiling chamber past Brok's Shop, climb up to find a dead soldier that holds another of The Faces of Magic, and grab this new Mask near the exit to the cave.

Not long after being the two branches fought for making, the war gods the Makers, were the winners. In dong to seal peace after the Veterans had won, each branch agreed to meeting gods and goddesses as a sign of good faith.

The Faces of Magic Artifact 4 [ edit ] After the spiked chamber, there's a large plateau before the area with the first sand bowl. The Faces of Magic Artifact 5 [ edit ] After opening the large riddle door using the sand bowl, enter the tunnel until the path swerves right, but you can go left to climb up to a small pool of water where another of the Faces of Magic artifacts lies, Grab the mask to add it your collection.

The Faces of Magic Artifact 6 [ edit ] After defeating the Troll in the River Pass, head through the tunnel to a ruined village and drop down.

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Next to the second house with Hacksilver inside is a tiny husk of a hut you can break. Take the bridge down from her door and go left to a lower path with a pallet of large stones you can move.

Now push the pallet into the water to form a floating platform. You can cross the platform to a dead soldier who carries one of The Faces of Magic artifacts, and add it to your collection.

As you head down the path to the house, look to the right to find the god of war update 1 33 error of a dead soldier holding one read more the Faces of Magic Artifacts, the Hole Mask. The Faces of Magic Artifact 9 [ edit ] A final artifact can be found climbing the chain next to the Rune Reads by the turtle once you are able to revisit the forest floor around the Witch's House.

It leads to a short path with an inactive Nornir Chest, and if you look to the side you can spot one more dead body holding the last of the Faces of Magic Artifact set. There are 9 Artifacts located in the greater Lake of Nine area - including 4 on the Shores of Nine and 5 more on the various beaches around the lake.

Total Sell Value - 15, Abandon Ship Artifact 1[ edit ] You'll likely find the first Artifact when docking at Tyr's Temple on the Shores of Nine, look around the steps up from the East side of the bridge when coming up from the dock to find a body that holds one of the ship's head artifacts.

Take the lift up from the dock, and you'll find one of the ship's heads artifacts next to a dead body.

Take the lift up from the docks to the top and look for a dead body by the giant door that holds the shiphead artifact. Abandon Ship Artifact 4[ edit ] Unlike the previous Artifacts, this one isn't technically located on the Shores of Nine, but on the beach of Lookout Tower. Head to the dock either when the waters have receded once, or climb up once the waters have gone down twice.

You can find a Nornir Chest here against the cliff rocks, and to the right is a dead body holding.

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