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Last 3 ravens god of war

Last 3 ravens god of war

Keep an ear out while playing because the ravens make a distinctive bird call whenever you are close to one of these hidden collectibles! Because some areas are inaccessible until you gain new equipment or abilities and will require you to backtrack, you won't be able to grab all of them from beginning to end in this specific order.

Last 3 ravens god of war

If you don't continuously backtrack and end up missing some, however, you can go back and grab them in order after completing the game. They are numbered here for easier tracking.

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River Pass Raven Locations 1 - The very first raven can't be acquired until much later, when you gain access to the hidden chamber of Odin to the right of the Witch's Wood. The raven is flying around in the air and will perch on the pillar.

It's sitting on some rocks up above. The impossible-to-see fourth raven axe throw location thanks to PS4Trophies for the screenshot Foothills Raven Locations 7 - The raven is in this area's hidden chamber at the edge of the water on the south side of the map.

Look above the archway near the mystic gate.

Any one have any tips where these last 3 could be? May 10,, God of War 'Raising Kratos' Feature-Length Doc is Now Available to Has anyone here ran into this Raven glitch? I have % in every area yet I am still missing 1 raven. God of War is a third person action-adventure video game Found that last one. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic _Super_Shadow_ 1 year ago#3 Then, look at the guide of where the ravens are located and match the undiscovered location to your last raven.

The Mountain Raven Locations 9 - Take the door to the right of the big stag statue, and follow the trail to the spinning rune to find this raven beneath the bridge. The raven is found on a boat over on the right side.

Lookout Tower Raven Locations 14 - Starting from the dock area, climb up the cliffs to the top platform to find a raven flying around in the air above you. Lookout Tower Raven Cliffs of the Raven Locations 15 - Go up the last 3 ravens god of war chain after the dead giant, and turn around to look towards the lake; you should see a raven on the rocky area.

Volunder Mines Raven Locations 16 - At the dock area, go up to the mystic gateway platform and look up into the sky to see another flying raven. Near the top of the Stone Falls area, turn the wheel and go through the gate to head toward the lake.

You should see a raven on the column above, sometimes flying in circles. Veithurgard Raven Locations 18 - Look behind the left-hand wood piece set in the stone near the dragon to find this raven.

Stone Falls Raven Locations 21 - First, go across the bridge by the mystic gate, then, by the wheel crank, turn towards the cliffs to see a raven up above.

Council of Valkyries Raven Locations 22 - At the entrance of the Council of Valkyries, look above at the giant wooden boat on the right. If you can't hit the raven from there, try re-positioning and aiming from the tower in Alfheim instead.

God of War - All 51 Odin's Ravens Collectible Locations - Allfather Blinded Trophy

Above the red chest is another raven. Turn around and look down and towards the right to see another raven.

Fafnir's Storeroom Raven Locations 34 - Past the mystic gate, look up into the open air to see a flying raven. Landsuther Mines Raven Locations 39 - When you pass through the tight area by the entrance, climb up the wall to see a raven on the wood building. Isle Of Death Raven Locations 41 - At the last 3 ravens god of war beach, look for a chest and then turn around to see this area's only raven between the two cliffs. Iron Cove Raven Locations 42 - Go to the left dock from the shore and travel up the platforms.

Go up the boat wreckage to your right, and then turn left to find another raven flying in the air. Iron Cove Raven Location Wildwoods Raven Locations 43 - This one is inside the hidden chamber and is flying up in the air by the trees. Alfheim Raven Locations 44 - At the dock.

Last 3 ravens god of war

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