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Shadow of the colossus shrine

Shadow of the colossus shrine

Monday, June 18, Save Shrines Here I will be listing all 25 save shrines from the game with map references and other attributes that can act as a guide for anyone who wants to know about them.

Colossus shadow shrine the

Each image shows a map in the top left corner and the arrow on the map is the direction in which the save shrine is oriented. That is I stood on the top tier of each save shrine with the save stone that you pray at behind me and the narrow ledge part of the shrine in front.

I've also added a lizard icon followed by a number for those few special save shrines that spawn more than one white tailed colossus shrine. I should be shadow the that the earlier Preview version of the game has some different names for 11 of the saves shrines compared to the later NTSC and PAL versions, these will be listed in brackets next to the title where they occur.

The other thing of note is if you save at any of these save shrines during the game then reload that save file you will get a cut scene of a hawk flying around that area.

Once the title screen appears just wait and it will automatically load the cut scene. It's a nice feature as it gives you shadow of the colossus shrine camera control so you can pan around and view the area surrounding the save shrine you last saved at.

Sometimes you will see Agro riding around instead of the hawk. Toppled Column Stones Several save shrines have some broken stones or toppled columns lying next to them that resemble the stones that hold up the main bridge But these stones have a different design than the bridge stones which makes them unique in the game.

It was speculated that these fallen stones might have a meaning as they only appear next to 15 of the 25 save shrines but nothing was ever found. Strange design on the toppled column blocks 1 - Umbrial Glade Northwestern Valley You can ride west from Hydrus' lake shadow of the colossus shrine a path through the mountains, or approach it from the south as you pass by the Ravine Entrance save shrine.

There's a single hawk that flies around this area and the columns lining the path to 14's entrance can be seen to the south.

Shadow of the colossus shrine

A couple of fruit trees stand nearby. Location C1, just north of the entrance to 14's area 2 - Stone Arch Gorge This save shrine exists in a closed off area with two exits. It should be noted that on the other side of the wall is a walkable ledge that is impossible to reach without hacking.

Important to Know

Finally, the sound of the waterfall is absent from the OPM demo. More detail was added to the textures around the stairs and pool in the final game. Part of the top of the temple was not yet textured by the time the OPM Demo was compiled.

The placement of the fruit trees was clearly not finalized when the OPM Demo was created.

Location D2, about half way between 3 and 14's area, south of 7's lake Similar architecture seen at D2 and Hydrus' area D1 D2 off limits ledge - save shrine is on the other side of the wall 3 - Dried Marsh Misty Marsh Could this area have been misty in an earlier build? Perhaps it was once lush with vegetation more like a swamp but over time has been eroded away by the infringing northern desert.

This save shrine is unique as it has a hawk that lands of its top most tier. It seems the hawk either has a nest there or is just taking a break from flying, either way, it only lands for a few seconds before lifting off again and it makes no difference if Wander is shadow of the colossus shrine there when it lands.

Location E1, right out the front of Hydrus' lake A friendly hawk likes to land on the top platform 4 - Northern Span Northern Pier Just follow the main bridge north from No.

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I always found that the white-tailed lizard here is harder to find than the other save shrines for some reason. Location F2, only save shrine found next to the main bridge 5 - Desert Fortress Northern Temple Follow the main bridge north then head east when you see 11's canyon.

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This is the closest save shrine to the entrance temple and exists.

Shadow of the Colossus - All Shrine Locations - Seeking Salvation Walkthrough

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