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A new destination god of war walkthrough

A new destination god of war walkthrough

Favor - The Realm of Fire: Look to your left as you pass the summit and head back down to find another of the Cipher Chests.

God Of War 4 Mission A New Destination: Talk to the Witch in her house

This contains another piece of the Muspelheim Cipher needed to enter that realm. If you want to catch up on everything you missed, you can backtrack up the Foothills and Mountain to acquire some previously inaccessible items.

Now is a good time to get a few items that were out of reach last time you were here: Break apart the Red Sap Wall near the lift to spawn a few Reavers and a Revenant, then look to the right down the passage to find a Cipher Chest you can open to get the final Muspelheim Cipher - allowing you to finally access the Realm of Fire should you so choose.

Horn of Blood Mead Location: Head down the path towards where you pushed the pallet into the water to find new blue crystals below that create a path to a Nornir Chest. Here runes are quite spread out here.

Hitting all these runes will unlock the chest to reveal a Horn of Blood Mead. Make sure you also take the time to use the Shatter Crystal and create a bridge to the Coffin to break the sap and a new destination god of war walkthrough Solid Svartalfheim Steel and a Symbol of Perseverance You can also look to the left of the climbable wall leading to the Hidden Chamber to find a dead body with Hacksilver.

Treasure Map Location: Legendary Chest Location: Https://promastergame.info/20blog/red-dead-redemption-2-pc-game-size-1252.php blue roots in the area next to the Hidden Chamber appears to mean that you can't do anything more - but you can.

Look up to the left of the bramble to spy breakable wood that you can boost Atreus up to.

He'll appear out on a ledge, and you can move a pallet of giant stones over to him to send him across to the other side where a sand bowl is. After inspecting it, look up at the ceiling to spy runes behind wooden boards you can break with your axe.

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As Atreus solves the riddle, the platform he is on will lower, and you can jump across to find a Legendary Chest in an alcove that holds Murder of Crows - a Runic Summon for Atreus.

Luckily, the giant well past the red sap wall leads all the way back to the top.

Avoid getting eaten by informing the shoulder buttons when it makes you, and keep hitting it. A fright orange Circle will light up when the time is essential, letting you do major server to it. It ll pop back up the side and spit at you, so long this attack. From there, keep remaking its legs, then punch it when it s down for the climb.

As you make the climb up the well, have Atreus a new destination god of war walkthrough the runes to uncover a Rune Reading: Next to the overlook is a Lore Marker missing its text.

Look for a blue crystal stashed behind the well and bring it over to reveal the text of the marker: As you head down the path to the house, look to the right to find the body of a dead soldier holding one of the Faces of Magic Artifactsthe Hole Mask. The Shield Draugr in particular will dash back and forth to hit you, while keeping their guard up to parry and stagger you if you attack at the wrong time.

Bait them into attacking to counter them or break their defense with your shield and capitalize on their unbalance, and make use of Runic Attacks when more Draugr enter the fray.

After killing the Draugr, be sure to look around for link sets of Rune Reads: A Seidr Curse is below the cliff you came down from, while Down With Odin can be found next to a chain up the side of a wall. Treasure Map Solution: Head over to the front of his foot and look for a small path going by some large stones, and keep an eye out for a small mossy stone next to it where the treasure is buried.

God of War A New Destination Guide; a new destination god of war walkthrough

A final artifact can be found climbing the chain next to the Rune Reads by the turtle. It leads to a short path with an inactive Nornir Chest, and if you look to the side you can spot one more dead body holding the last of the Faces of Magic Artifact set!

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Look up to the right from the dead body holding the last mask artifact and you can spot a spectral green raven perched on a large rock. Your objective this time is the strange horn that lies in the middle of the bridge up a small lift. Head along the bridge.

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