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God of war 2 opening theme

God of war 2 opening theme

Share on Reddit I'm in the process of playing through God of War 2 for an upcoming review, and while I'll save most of my thoughts on the game for the big writeup, I thought I'd share one of the things that God of War does very well.

Ranking the 6 God of War games from worst to best: god of war 2 opening theme

Cut scenes these days are usually more destructive to a gaming experience than productive; whenever a cinematic drags on for more than thirty seconds, it's safe to say that many people begin tapping their feet and waiting to play again. God of War 2 shows us how to do cut scenes right, and after some thought I came up with the following three rules for effective cut scenes, as evidenced by Kratos and his bloody exploits.

God of war 2 opening theme

What can other game developers and designers learn from God of War 2? Keep it Short, Stupid If a cut scene lasts longer than a minute or so, we're being kept out of the game for too long.

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Sprinkling short but effective cut scenes through the game can help you tell an effective story and draw us in without taking control away. The cut scenes in God of War 2 are exactly long enough to give us a plot tidbit, and then they get the hell out of the way so we can get god of war 2 opening theme to the fun parts.

In fact, God of War 2 has one or two playable areas that lesser games would have passed off as a cut scene. It's one thing to be told that a character is near death, but to have to play as that character when he can barely lift his sword gives us a much better feeling of loss.

Keep it short, and if you can do it in gameplay, that's a much better solution.

God of war 2 opening theme

I shouldn't be Superman in a cut scene but Clark Kent in the game This is one of those things that drives me crazy: Dirge of Cerberus is a great example of this: When I get to actually control Vincent, however, I can barely jump a few feet, and shooting is much more hit and miss. If you show me cool things in a video, I'm going to feel cheated when I can't actually do them in-game.

Kratos in God of War 2 is a complete badass in both the cut scenes and the game. In fact, when you deliver one of the game's signature bloody finishing moves, you have to time your button presses right in order to succeed in your attack.

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I feel like I'm still playing the game, and in fact Kratos does many more cool things when in my control than out of it. This is exactly how it should be.

If your engine is good enough for the game, it's good enough for cut scenes This is a god of war 2 opening theme that's easier to learn on the next-generation systems, since PS3 and games can often look as good or better https://promastergame.info/16blog/best-online-games-2018-pc-mmorpg-1974.php what we're used to from cut scenes in the past.

Still, whenever a game cuts to video and the graphical quality jumps way up from the game, I can't help but feel a little wistful when the real action begins again.

The lyrics are in Greek. Usually considered the "theme" of God of War 2, this song plays in the credits of. Música tema do Jogo God of War 2, Para PlayStation2. Finally some lyrics hidden to the naked ear revealed! Gideesh. Apr 12,, Kratos returns older, wiser and better than ever in God of War on PS4. Clear of the opening set up, the game steps back, presents you with a map of For a series more traditionally built on a carefully controlled theme park ride I'll steer clear of any spoilers but, safe to say, some things happen, and you. For Gears of War 2 on the Xbox, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Whats the song that plays during the trailer? Whats the title of the song in the main trailer, where the team drills into the ground,it goes "you already GoW 3 trailer?

Why can't I play that game? God of War 2 has some cut scenes that don't use the game engine and are prerendered, but they're used sparingly and to good effect.

Many of the cut scenes happen using the character models you're playing with, which makes the game's story feel much more connected to the action. These rules should be followed as much as possible; nothing annoys me more than poor use of cut scenes in an otherwise good.

God of War 2 Game Movie All Cutscenes

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