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God of war 2 ps4 remastered

God of war 2 ps4 remastered

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The next god of war 2 ps4 remastered in the franchise is still something full of mystery, even given the ominous ending tease of God of War. Yet, series director, Cory Barlog, is confident that the next God of War, no matter what it's eventually called, won't release in another half a decade.

God of War Includes Hidden Avengers: After Barlog explained that he has ideas for potentially five games in the series, not necessarily that five games will be released, the outlet joked that it would take 25 years to see the new era of God of War conclude. Barlog clarified that things wouldn't last nearly that long.

There was a very specific reason for the long wait between Ascension and 's God of War. We had a core engine but we really redid a lot of stuff.

God of war 2 ps4 remastered

On this one, everything really needed to be redone, because we just had torn the engine apart in so many different ways The recently released God of War isn't just a departure for the series in terms of tone and story.

Notably, there is a jump in console generations for the series. Yet, all three mainline games and the prequel spin-off used roughly the same engine.

Get God of War® III Remastered, Action game for PS4 console from the official PlayStation website. Explore God of War® III Remastered game detail, demo, Developer‎: ‎Santa Monica Studio. Feb 10,, There is a remastered God of war 3 game for ps4 if you played the PSP For Psp game on Ps4:You'll need to buy an exploit game for which. May 2,, Before the soft reboot of the series, with PS4's God of War, the last in for the PlayStation 2, and God of War 2 released just two years.

With this in mind, it can be estimated that God of War 5 will probably release sometime in or, at the latest, This would put it in line with the previous release schedule of the series as well as Barlog's tentative estimation that it won't take another five years to continue the story of Kratos and his son Arteus. It's a guess, but an educated one.

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The existence of the PlayStation 5 is even more mysterious than the next entry in the God of War franchise, but there are rumors the PlayStation 5 could release in However, God of War 2 released very late into the PlayStation 2's life.

Seeing as the PlayStation 2 was nearly as successful as the PlayStation 4, in terms of salesit wouldn't be unreasonable for God of War 5 to release on PlayStation 4, even if the PlayStation 5 is released or imminently releasing.

Each god of war 2 ps4 remastered profile contains useful information about the game, gameplay videos, user reviews, gameplay screenshots, system requirements and more. Elsword has had its Ups and Downs, it has been declared god of war 2 ps4 remastered years ago but somehow it s still going.

After all, Sony doesn't mind releasing some of their war ps4 remastered titles towards the end of console generations only to re-release those games on the next generation see: Again, this is pure speculation.

It'll probably be awhile until there are any firm announcements about the next God of War, let alone the PlayStation 5. Although, given the extraordinary success of the most recent entry, a new God of War is most certainly coming. Fans just have to be a little patient - though not as patient as they were waiting for 's entry in the series.

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