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God of war 3 remastered part 15

God of war 3 remastered part 15

Published July 15,11 a. Weapons and Magic Guide From link Blades of Athena to the mighty Nemesis Whip, we god of war 3 remastered part 15 everything you can use to rip an enemy to shreds.

With the recently released God of War 3 Remastered, players will be able to experience once of Kratos' greatest adventures in 60 frames per second, p supported glory. There's really nothing quite like it — but players will have their work cut out for them, mainly due to the bosses you'll have to face.

Not to worry, though — we've got some tips on how to leave those bosses in the dust.

Poseidon When facing this dangerous water god, he transforms himself into a large hulking being with water spewing horse heads. The best way to first get at him is to strike the claws that are buried around you.

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Make sure you avoid god of war 3 remastered part 15 attacks while you do this. Do this enough times and Gaia will slam him into a wall, allowing you to strike his water form directly. Avoid his attacks and keep chopping away at him. Eventually he'll wear down enough to have a glowing Circle icon over his head, where you can do some real damage.

You'll need to repeat this process one more time before going into a quick-time event, striking from afar and eventually shooting through the giant water god, yanking Poseidon straight out of it. Complete a few quick-time events and you'll send him to a watery grave.

Hades When taking on Hades, he comes in two forms.

God of war 3 remastered part 15

The first is a somewhat large form where he tries to stab you with his blades. The key here is to keep attacking him until he eventually loses energy. Watch out for his aerial strikes, where he climbs up and comes crashing down, creating an energy wave in the process.

He also likes to launch waves of spikes, https://promastergame.info/21blog/god-of-war-iii-remastered-hit-man-trophies-417.php are highlighted by red energy waves on the ground.

Avoid these areas when you can, or you'll take damage. Once you wear down Hades enough, he'll transform into a larger form, where he'll try to crush you with his fists. The best way to deal with him is from behind. Swing around on the chain markers using the L1 button to get to his back and hit him.

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He'll turn around, and you can still hit him, but the goal is to continue hitting him in the god of war 3 remastered part 15, until he eventually wears down and has a glowing Circle icon. From here, a couple of quick moves, and he'll be done for. Helios After dealing with a few larger creatures and riding around on a large Cyclopsyou'll come face to face with Helios.

He only has one offensive attack, a large light beam that will temporarily blind Kratos. Use the right analog stick to block this beam in the right place, and move forward on him.

God of war 3 remastered part 15

Eventually, you'll be able to crush his skill in, tapping buttons to finish him with a head-rip. Hermes This speedy little guy is a pain in the neck, but he can be defeated. He'll run around Kratos like crazy, but your best bet is to strike him when he's within range.

Hit him enough times and he'll eventually wear down, launching into a quick-time event and carving off his footwear in the process. Hercules Hercules looks tough, but he can be beaten.

Take out his minions first, and he'll eventually jump down and begin charging towards you. Dodge his attack and continue chipping away at him with your weapons while avoiding his ground strikes, which create an impact tremorwhile also keeping an eye out for his cronies. Eventually, it'll get down to you and him, and you can knock out his armor.

One of the hardest puzzles in the game this took me a while to do. But, I got through it! Game: God Of War III. IN THE END, THERE WILL BE ONLY CHAOSOriginally developed by Sony Computer Entertainment's Santa.

Once you wear him down enough, you'll be able to use his lion gauntlets against him, forcing him to lift the ground above you and try to force you off. The fight will then launch into a quick-time event, where Kratos will work his way up, jump off the ramp and, finally, cave Hercules' head in, finishing him for good.

Cronos Cronos is one of the biggest bosses you'll face in the game — but even a pint-sized Kratos is a threat to this colossus. You can blind him with Helios' ability, then dive onto another point of his arm, slowly chipping away at him.

You'll be climbing all over him, eventually reaching a sore spot and doing some real damage.

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From there, you'll face a few enemies and avoid his devastating breath, and peel off one of his fingernails. The general idea is to keep moving, fending off Cronos' forces and avoiding his attacks. Do this enough and you'll reach.

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