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God of war 4 thor boss

God of war 4 thor boss

Reddit The latest God of War has been out for a few months now, and while Santa Monica Studios has no plans for post-launch content, rumors already abound that they are starting work on God of War 5.

God of War managed to tell an extremely strong story with a relatively small cast of characters; although it had fewer major boss-fights than some previous games, the core characters were more developed and interesting, on the whole. With that in mind, what are some of the characters from Norse myth would we like to see in God of War 5 as the cast begins to expand?

God of War 4, Kratos meets Thor in secret ending scene ▻SUBSCRIBE. Just days ago at Paris Games Week, Sony and Santa Monica Studio wowed fans by revealing more God of War combat gameplay in a new trailer. The battle ended in a chase, but Thamur got lost in Midgard, the “Realm of Mysteries,” and when the stonemason bellowed out, his cries. God of War 4 Secret Ending, Thor visits Kratos and brings his hammer. Subscribe for more! Shirrako.

According to notes in Alfheim, the Light Elves are in search of him, as he has gone god of war 4 thor boss. Freyr is the twin brother of Freyja, who at the end of the latest game is set on getting revenge upon Kratos and Atreus. Freyr also owns a veritable treasure trove of magic artefacts; his magical sword Sumarbrandr was capable of swinging itself, and could make for an interesting character in its own right.

In myth, Freyr lost the sword and went into Ragnarok armed with a tree branch.

God of war 4 thor boss

Heimdallr Thor and Odin have clearly been confirmed for the current Norse story arc. Instead, another major Aesir who could appear in God of War 5 is Heimdallr.

The watchman who guards the Bifrost bridge, the entrance to Asgard; Heimdallr could well face Kratos as a boss who he must defeat to gain access to the Aesir stronghold. Another important aspect of Heimdallr is that he carries the Gjallarhorn, the horn which will signal the start of Ragnarok. Hodr There are plenty of gods and giants in Norse myth with great strength or power.

Hodr might not number among them, but he could nonetheless be a very interesting addition to God of War 5. This god of war 4 thor boss god is the son of Odin, and the twin brother of Baldur. In myth, Hodr was tricked into killing Baldur by Loki, who gave him a mistletoe arrow to shoot him with.

Given the events of God of War, clearly that part of the myth never came to pass. As a result, Hodr is unlikely to be killed by Vali in revenge for the act, leaving him free to appear in God of War 5. While Hodr might not be the most powerful god in the original stories, the blind god could well come after Kratos and attempt to avenge his brother.

Given how the developers envisioned Baldur, Hodr could receive just as impressive a re-imagining. Like Mimir, however, his strength comes from wisdom.

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Kvasir was born from the saliva of the Aesir and Vanir, a mystical being who spread wisdom and knowledge wherever he traveled. Eventually, he was killed by two dwarves who turned his blood into the Mead of Poetry, which later came into the god of war 4 thor boss of Odin.

Either Kvasir, or the Mead, could be an interesting character to appear in God of War 5, especially as a counter to Mimir assisting the Aesir. Where Kvasir could well fit into the story is his involvement with Loki.

In myth, when the gods discovered that Loki was responsible for the death of Baldur, they set out to catch and punish him.

4 god boss thor war

Given that Loki Atreus was responsible for the death of Baldur, albeit indirectly, in God of War; Kvasir could well help Odin catch him once again. These two met their ends at the hands of Kratos and Atreus, and their father appeared to be coming for revenge in a hidden post-ending cut-scene.

There is one continue reading member of their family, however, who was briefly mentioned during the game. At one point, Mimir states that Thor has two sons; Magni and.

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