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God of war leviathan axe buy

God of war leviathan axe buy

Shaping the Head and Handle Now it's time to shape your axe! Your blocky chunk of wood will look God of War-worthy in no time!

This is the part of the process that will be more informed by the tools at your disposal. However, if all you have is sandpaper, and maybe a few files or rasps, you can still get the job done!

It will just take longer! I started with the handle. I started off by simply breaking the edges, and making them round.

God of war leviathan axe buy

Then I just took my time, went back and forth down the shaft of the handle, until I had a nice, organic-feeling god of war leviathan axe buy. I really just wanted it to feel good in my hands, and look like a real handle.

This is also one area where using hardwood is a blessing and a curse. Hardwood like this hickory sands really smooth, but it takes a while to remove a significant amount of material. I also left the pommel bottom relatively square so I could carve it later.

Then I moved on the the head. I did each half separately. Here first thing I did was draw a line where I wanted the taper for the "blade edge" to start.

Use your reference picture to help. For me, it was about 1. I started aggressively taking off material to make the edge until I reached the line.

God of war leviathan axe buy

I would "swing" the head back and forth to get a nice curve. Once I had the "blade" edges done, I moved to the rest of the axe head. I made the area directly around the handle mount recessed in. This emphasized the thickness of the handle area, in order to invoke the idea that there is a thick piece of wood in there. Remember that this axe head is cartoonishly large, compared to real life axe heads.

So don't be afraid to exaggerate the details and make them larger than life. Once you're satisfied with the shape of your head and handle for the most partit's time to glue them together if you're using the sandwich method. This is pretty self-explanatory, but this is Instructables, so here you go: Spread glue to every surface that will be adhered together and then clamp that bad boy up.

God of War - The Story of the Leviathan Axe

Don't worry about trying to achieve maximum clamping pressure; this is not a functional, load-bearing joint. Finally, after the glue is dried, clean up any uneven edges. This is only relevant for those using the sandwich method.

Kratos ' Axe Leviathan of God of War hand-forged, medieval axe, God of War, Kratos, hatchet of Kratos, Leviatan, Swords of Chaos. FABRICADEARMAS. The Leviathan Axe is a two-handed war axe that is Kratos' main offensive Get if from the Muspelheim Shop It is speculated that this is related to the original ending David Jaffe intended for God of War III, where monotheism is established. Make the Leviathan Axe From God of War Out of % Wood: The Leviathan Axe is the iconic weapon from Kratos' new adventure in God of War. I used a cheap japanese hand plane to cut long shavings from the edge of a piece of wood. Apr 25,, But it also nails the smaller stuff, too, like making Kratos's new Leviathan Axe the most fun video game weapon in recent memory.

Anyway, you might find that even though you cut everything perfectly, the two halves of the head didn't line up just right. Simply sand them together until they're flush.

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