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God of war missing one raven in midgard

God of war missing one raven in midgard

He gets this power from his Eyes of Odin, ravens that keep a close eye on the happenings of the realms. Tracking them down requires listening to the crystal-like sound they make and keeping your eyes peeled for a bird that looks a bit unusual. It makes it exceptionally easy to hit those far away Eye of Odin ravens.

God of war missing one raven in midgard

Finding them all requires accessing all the side-quest areas, such as Veithurgard and Konunsgard. Go down the elevator inside and enter the arena. Look to the right and into the sky to see the Eye of Odin raven circling.

God of war missing one raven in midgard: how to find all 51 god of war eyes of odin ravens and earn the allfather blinded trophy

When in the area below the bridge, look up to see the bird perched on tree branch. Alternatively, wait until you meet Brok on the bridge and turn click to spot the bird from another angle. Eye of Odin 2 Another Eye of Odin can be found after Kratos and Atreus open their first circular door using a sand riddle and before the fight with the troll in the ribcage.

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You will pass through a cave with a hole on the right-hand side with sunlight pouring in. The Eye of Odin is at the top of this skylight and is extremely difficult to spot.

God of war missing one raven in midgard

The bird is on top of the roof of one of the little houses. Climb up the chain and walk along the path, the bird is perched on top of a rock past the Nornir chest.

Ride the elevator down, and https://promastergame.info/3blog/red-dead-redemption-2-gameplay-trailer-ps4-pro-1147.php the arena and turn right, the bird is up high on a statue. Ride the lift to the top — or when you first reach the snowy mountain area turn left and go to the wooden lift — and look to the snowy peak beside the wheel to spot the Eye of Odin raven.

Ride the elevator down, step toward the arena, but before you jump the gap, turn around and look above the doorway you just stepped through.

The raven is on the rafter of the door. Take the path on the right, through the narrow cave, and under the heavy stone Kratos must lift. Ahead of you is a bridge with a hole, along with a couple of spinning Nornir statues. Walk to the hole in the bridge and look on the wooden beams below to find the bird.

Enter this cavern and go straight to find a tunnel, pass through the tunnel to find Brok and his shop on the left. Opposite Brok is a cliff with the raven circling in the air.

Enter the cavern area and turn left to face a long corridor with a large dead animal in shackles on the ground. Climb the upper walkway near the dead beast to spot the Eye of Odin raven sitting across a broken bridge on a rock. Go down the elevator, enter the arena, and turn left to see the raven sitting on the ledge.

The easiest way to spot it is to walk along the bridge toward the Foothills and look over to the right toward the large statue of Thor.

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The raven is flying is circles above the lake. This might only be possible once the water has been lowered twice. Take the elevator to the top and head to the side of the platform near the mystic gate to see a Viking shipwreck, at the stern of the ship is the Eye of Odin raven.

Dock the boat on the beach and approach the Nornir chest. To the left of the chest is the spinning pole with the rune bells, and on top of it is the bird.

Look for a tunnel in the side of the cliff through which to row the boat behind the Svartalfheim Towerand then stick to the left of the.

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