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God of war release date in india

God of war release date in india

Despite being the seventh game in the series - or eighth if you count its feature phone release - developer Sony Santa Monica has decided to name it simply God of Waras it is a reimagining of the franchise for the PS4.

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Gone is the genocidal rage that fuelled protagonist Kratos in past games. Kratos is now a calmer, somewhat wiser character, who has reigned himself in as he now has a child, called Atreus. With a new setting comes a fresh narrative.

God of war release date in india

Naturally, with all things Kratos, it soon involves witchcraft, fantastic beasts, and mysterious strangers with otherworldly powers. Combined with a generous serving of ogres, draugrs, revenants, reavers, elves, and all other assortment of Norse-inspired terrors quick to seek the business end of your axe, it turns into a rather interesting tale punctuated by ferocious bouts of action, exploration, and puzzle-solving.

Of course, the big draw in every God of War game is the combat. This time around, Kratos is using an axe as opposed to his blades from past games.

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Aside from the obvious light and heavy attacks, you can throw the axe at enemies, call it back, and upgrade it with powerful abilities such as summoning knives of frost to upend your foes. It results in a deliberate, meaty feel that makes beating up enemies a treat even 20 hours in. Backing this up is a slick upgrade system.

God of war release date in india

Both Atreus and Kratos can be kitted out with new armour, skills, and upgrades that liven up the proceedings. You have the ability to precisely dictate where each axe throw lands, as well as to command Atreus to fire arrows and summon forest spirits, and this gives a more tactical feel to the proceedings.

God of War PS4 Download Size Revealed Throw in a healthy number of puzzles and environmental design that borrows from the likes of Dark Souls, Metroid, and Castlevania, and you have an entry in the franchise unlike any other.

The puzzles themselves see Atreus and Kratos try to get past all manner of death traps, such as spikes and pits in a fashion not too dissimilar to Uncharted: Perhaps our only grouse is related to the game world and how one specific element is presented — the map. While most of the action takes place in Midgard, there are other realms you can travel to.

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Of the nine realms including Midgard, three are locked out completely. These are Asgard, Svartalfheim, and Vanaheim. From exploring a village frozen over due to a dead giant, to vibrant lands occupied by elves, the sense of pacing and its stellar cast made God of War an entertaining affair through and through.

Jan 24,, Kratos returns in April. Sony has announced that God of War will be released for PS4 on April 20, In a post on the PlayStation Blog, director Cory Barlog announced the date and called the date his "favorite release day of my entire career. Jul 17,, Here is everything gamers need to know about Sony Santa Monica's God of War 5, including all news, rumors, and its potential release date. May 2,, The recently released God of War isn't just a departure for the series in This would put it in line with the previous release schedule of the. Jan 23,, Kratos is back, and this time he's a dad! The reboot to "God of War" arrives on PlayStation 4 this April, Sony announced on Tuesday.

Rather, it also occurs during quiet moments like buying items or conversing with other characters. The noise persisted even on removing the case of our PS4 Pro and cleaning dust in and around the machine.

This was regardless of game mode — and there are two to choose from — allowing you to prioritise frame rate or visual fidelity. That said, no matter what you choose, God of War is great to look at and the action is fast-paced god of war release date in india barely a frame out of place.

Fan boys may deride the lack of spectacle and its nuanced take on a well-loved protagonist may not be for everyone, but it's rare to see a reimagining to a series handled as deftly and with such polish and care.

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