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God of war tips ps4 reddit

God of war tips ps4 reddit

As many of you have likely noticed, Give Me God of War sets itself up ominously with bold red text stating that the difficulty cannot be changed mid-game. Hopefully this post along with the plethora of great player-made resources already online can remove some of the mysticism behind the difficulty mode, and offer some advanced combat tips and techniques in the process!

Recommended notes It is strongly suggested that you play through the god of war tips ps4 reddit story at least once before on either Give Me a Balanced Experience or Give Me a Challenge to gain familiarity with the combat systems. Control of the player camera is extremely important and is central to the combat experience in Give Me God of War.

They are helpful in situations with a singular or very small group of enemies, but might make fights with a large crowd difficult for some. Give Me God of War is meant to test mastery of all the combat mechanics and tools available to Kratos and Atreus.

The more you explore and attempt to master the combat system, the more you will enjoy the difficulty! Gameplay and systems changes There are several changes happening behind the scenes in Give Me God of War, each of which is aimed at rewarding intentional and knowledgeable play. Here are a few of the more notable changes which take effect: Enemies are much stronger and have a slightly higher Power Level.

Their god of war tips ps4 reddit output, defence against both damage and stunand resistance to hit reactions anime style online all significantly increased. Enemies can counter attack quickly after taking hit reactions or blocking an attack. Enemies can turn Elite, greatly increasing their combat prowess. Elite enemies have glowing eyes, an increase in Power Level, increased aggression, and have access to new attacks and attack patterns.

Different enemies have different rules for when and how they turn Elite.

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Status ailments applied to Kratos are far more potent and linger around for a longer period of time. Health shards remove status ailments and reduce accrued status damage when consumed.

Use them to prevent an ailment from turning active.

There is less targeting assistance during melee combat. Kratos will no longer slide forward to meet his opponent with every strike, requiring more precision in judging distance.

The god of war tips ps4 reddit of gaining Rage and passive bonuses such as Here are significantly reduced. Advanced combat tips, tricks, and techniques All of the following tips and techniques are possible to do in the very beginning of the game before any skills or equipment have been purchased.

Most of these are aimed at handling enemies like the Draugr since they will appear everywhere in your journey: Keep your camera focused on as many enemies as you can. Get comfortable weaving in evasive sidesteps between your attacks. This helps you reposition during your aggression while keeping you safe.

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Getting to the last hit of your light combo is very important! It is very potent at quickly dispatching enemies and applying crowd control to an area. Be comfortable leaving the Leviathan frozen in an enemy without immediately recalling it.

Use the time to reposition and weaponise the frozen target to your advantage.

God of war tips ps4 reddit

Prevent enemies from turning Elite. Enemies afflicted with the Frost ailment cannot turn Elite, and are defenceless against a relentless offense. Enemies afflicted with the Burn ailment will take damage over time and often get interrupted during their attacks.

Stunning draugrs is an effective way to apply Burn to nearby enemies. If an enemy has already turned Elite, or if there is a particularly difficult enemy in the fight, try to weaponise other weaker enemies in the battlefield against it.

Bare handed attacks build up more Rage meter and deal more Stun damage. Hit enemies in the back to maximize Stun damage output. Learning simple but effective combos with precise axe throws will allow you to make use of both of these techniques. Tripping enemies with precise axe throws is an effective way of managing a crowd of enemies. Hitting enemies into walls leaves them in a vulnerable state where they are incapacitated and take increased Ps4 reddit damage.

Also, sending enemies flying back into walls will cause them to bounce off, dealing large amounts of Stun damage. Instead of isolating enemies, try herding them together. Juggling enemies after they have been launched into the air will keep nearby enemies disrupted and unable to attack.

God of War tips and tricks: 10 things you must know before playing the fantastic PS4 game, Alphr

This technique is tough to get a grasp on but mastering it will open up many possibilities. Use firepower from Atreus to help extend juggles on an enemy. Despite being.

God Of War PS4: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

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