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Playstation 3 god of war 1

Playstation 3 god of war 1

The visuals are impressive from the snowy peaks of Midgard to the haunting and death-riddled realm of Helheim.

The character design and animation is incredible, and the way in which you engage in combat, or watch a cutscene play out leaves you admiring every facet of it.

In fact, the cutscenes are so well done they are almost unnoticeable they segue seamlessly between gameplay and at times you re not even sure you re watching one, or playing one they re that good.

In fact, this quality stretches to the direction of the game in general.

The American army lets your soldiers play video games to accomplish their abilities to co-operate. Midrange they play these 3D rome games, I m trying with some run n-gun streaming a la Contra when the terrorists want some day.

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