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Shadow of the colossus hard time attack 11

Shadow of the colossus hard time attack 11

The 'Lightsaber' weapon from Ico Time Attack Tips[ edit ] Colossus 1[ edit ] You can start running towards the Colossus while the intro cutscene is fading away. The clock won't start until the bars completely fade out, allowing you to get a few extra steps in shadow of the colossus hard time attack 11 chasing the giant down before the clock starts. Loading Colossus 2[ edit ] You'll save yourself about 30 seconds if you attack the beast from behind at the beginning.

Attacking the two hind legs makes it so you have much less climbing to do. Loading Colossus 3[ edit ] The most important part of beating this Time Attack is being able to get up on to the giant quickly.

Time Attack, Team Ico Wiki, FANDOM powered by Wikia

As soon as the stage begins, run past the Colossus to the far end. He'll track you over there. Once he takes a swing at you, run past him to the center.

Welcome to GamingInstinctsTV's official Coverage for Shadow of the Colossus the much anticipated and. Shadow of the Colossus Hard Time Attack Walkthrough of Colossus # Celosia Boss FIght. HARD TIME.

He'll turn around and knock his armor off on the stone circle, allowing you to quickly get on. This Colossus shakes his head around a lot when you're on top. Watch the pattern and wait for your chance to attack.

If you grab onto its forehead with full strength, you can completely drain that weak point and then drop down to the platforms below without having to rest on his shoulders. Loading Colossus 4[ edit ] Although it is faster to use the dangling bones to climb up, it is much harder.

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You'll have plenty of time to finish this stage if you run back through the cave and come up from behind. Just make sure you https://promastergame.info/10blog/crossbow-hunting-games-online-3460.php the Colossus enough at first so that he'll investigate your initial hiding place.

Loading Colossus 5[ edit ] Make sure you are at full strength before you begin stabbing one of the wings. You'll need all of your grip strength to ride out the thrashing that comes shortly after you stab the wing. You don't want to fall off because then you'll have to waste about a minute trying to get back on to finish the job.

Loading Colossus 6[ edit ] This is one of the toughest Time Attacks to beat.

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The key to success lies in finding the point on the shoulder where the Colossus can't thrash you about as you attack. If you try to ride out the head banging in between your attacks, you'll run out of time. Loading Colossus 7[ edit ] It is better to be safe than sorry.

Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Remake - Hard Time Attack Walkthrough - Colossus #11 (Celosia)

Don't try to overextend the amount of space you run while the Colossus is surfaced. If you don't give yourself time to grab on when it dives, you'll have to start over which wastes much more time in the long run. Loading Colossus 8[ edit ] Wait until the Colossus is really high up on the wall before knocking him down.

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This will make him stay unconscious longer. The last thing you want to do is constantly run up the stairs and then hop back down to keep knocking the Colossus unconscious.

Shadow of the colossus hard time attack 11

The less times you have to make that trip, the better off you'll be. Loading Colossus 9[ edit ] If you have the Colossus over a geyser and it isn't pushing him up, don't give up on it. Rather than making the Colossus trek over to another, simply run to the side of the Colossus.

It will turn and make the water spout be more centered underneath it, thus triggering the lift.

Loading Colossus 10[ edit ] Make your run across the center of the sand pit where there aren't any obstructions. This will give you enough time to wait for the Colossus to surface without having your horse turn or slam into anything while you aren't in control of it.

It is much easier to fire your bow accurately while moving in a straight line. Loading Colossus 11[ edit ] Taking the dangerous method and hopping off of the cliff onto the field below is the best way to save time.

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If you follow the Colossus immediately after it falls, it will be knocked out and you'll have an.

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